Resettlement Program

Environmental and Social Compliance

During the last two years of care and maintenance CNM has completed the original commitments outlined in the 2006 Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) prepared by Albidon Zambia, which included physical relocation of households, construction of a new school and staff houses, and medical clinic and staff houses.

This has included:

  • The construction and resettlement of over 130 households
  • The development and implementation of specific livelihood programmes
  • The construction of a 500 pupil modern comprehensive school including science, design technology and IT laboratories.
  • The construction of a large rural clinic comprising an 8 bed male ward, 8 bed female ward, 10 bed paediatric ward, 4 bed maternity ward and a multi purpose teaching and training centre for visiting disciplines such as dentists, opticians, community health, HIV/AIDS education

Activities were completed in 2017 and livelihood enhancement projects are now being undertaken in collaboration with the Musangu Foundation.