Social Investment

Completion of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
Since CNM’s involvement in the Munali Nickel Mine from December 2014, a core focus has been on the completion of the outstanding commitments of the RAP. This has included:

  • The construction and resettlement of over 130 households
  • The development and implementation of specific livelihood programmes
  • The construction of a 500 pupil modern comprehensive school including science, design technology and IT laboratories.
  • The construction of a large rural clinic comprising an 8 bed male ward, 8 bed female ward, 10 bed paediatric ward, 4 bed maternity ward and a multi purpose teaching and training centre for visiting disciplines such as dentists, opticians, community health, HIV/AIDS education

CNM’s Approach to CSR at the Munali Nickel Mine
CSR delivered directly by the Munali Nickel Mine focuses on collaboration between communities, stakeholders and the mine. Over the last 24 months, the Munali Mine management team has supported initiatives including:

  • Support for Maternity Facilities: Refurbishment of Mazabuka Hospital Maternity Ward
  • Water and Sanitation Project: Fencing of community boreholes and development of drainage channels and livestock troughs to prevent contamination of potable water by cattle
  • Rural access to healthcare: in collaboration with the Musangu Foundation, the provision of an ambulance to the Mazabuka District for the transportation of rural communities to the district hospital
  • Disease Prevention Scheme: In collaboration with the District Ministry of Health, supporting the mosquito spraying programme, which has resulted in the reduction of incidences of malaria in the Distict
  • Water Security: Annual maintenance and monitoring of community dams to ensure annual access to water resources for livestock
  • Education: Provision of iSchool tablet based e-learning technology which provides capacity and diversified teaching materials for both students and teachers in the classroom

The Musangu Foundation
CNM is a founding partner of The Musangu Foundation, a social enterprise which was established to harness the collective investment of the private sector, with strong support from the mining industry, into social and development projects.

The Foundation works to facilitate collaborative investments by multiple private sector companies into high impact social investment projects with the aim of maximising local livelihood creation.

The social investment projects embed principles into the project philosophy, moving away from the typical “donor” style projects to ensure sustainability and longevity of the projects beyond the initial seed capital provided by the Foundation. Projects completed to date include:

  • The  Rural Community Library Project: The Rural Libraries Programme has been designed to develop an education resource centre to support the growth of entrepreneurial and community development within rural communities by providing an inspiring space to access books and educational materials. The first library was complete in November 2016 with a further 5 planned over 2017.
  • The Clean Energy Cook Stove Project: The ‘Clean Energy Cook Stove Project’ aims to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by implementing a clean and efficient household cooking solution in rural Zambia.
  • Conservation Agricultural Training: To date, 120 rural farmers have received high level training, support and guidance in Conservation Farming techniques looking to improve crop yield and crop diversification into high value products