Community Support

Mabiza Resources is committed to identifying and extending support to the local community and is pleased to have had Mr Ephet Mwiinga, a senior community member, brought to their attention. Part of the Mawaya Community which is within the mine’s catchment area, Mr Mwiinga has been supporting his family through his carpentry services to the community. He is renowned for his work despite having just one hand. Mr Mwiinga specialises in making wooden furniture including tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, scotch carts and so on.

Mabiza, in partnership with ATS, has pledged to provide Mr Mwiinga with much-needed resources in order that he may continue his carpentry work. An initial meeting was held between Mr Mwiinga and members of Mabiza and ATS as a way of finding a solution to assist him.  It was resolved that the accumulating wood in the scrap yard at Munali be donated to Mr Mwiinga as a resource for his work. 

Mr Mwiinga is pleased to have been identified among the many community carpenters to receive resources from the mine and thanked Mabiza management for lightening his burden by way of supporting him with necessary materials in furtherance of his business.

Mabiza will continue to identify and empower members within its local community especially where those members may be facing physical or mental challenges in their lives.