Board Committees

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Company’s shareholders to supervise the affairs of the Company and ensure management of the business in the best interests of the Company.

In addition to full Board meetings, the Directors exercise their control and review through the following Committees:

Audit Committee

Members: Mr Felix Pole (Chair), Mr Cyril Le Tonqueze & Mr Bo Xiong

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the quality and integrity of our financial statements.  It monitors the compliance by the Company with legal and regulatory requirements in respect of financial disclosure; the qualification, independence and performance of the Company’s external auditors and the assessment, monitoring and management of the strategic, operational, reporting and compliance risks of the Company’s business. It is also responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of the performance of the Company’s internal finance function.

Compensation, Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee (CCGN)

Members: Mr Bradford Mills (Chair), Mr Felix Pole & Mr Bo Xiong

The CCGN Committee is responsible for reviewing and advising on recruitment, development and retention of senior management; appointment, performance evaluation and compensation of senior management; succession planning systems and processes relating to senior management and compensation structure for the Board of Directors and senior management. It is also responsible for recommending appropriate candidates as chairperson(s) and non-executive director(s).

Safety, Health, Environment & Community Committee (SHEC)

Members: Mr Michael Musonda, Mr Lloyd Moomba, Ms Emma Oosthuizen, Mr Felix Pole, Mr Frank Russo-Bello & Mr Bo Xiong

The SHEC Committee is responsible for discharging the Board of Directors’ responsibilities relating to compliance with applicable safety, environmental and health legislation, rules and regulations in the jurisdictions in which the company operates, as well as community issues and responsibilities. The purpose of the SHEC Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in management of the Company’s policies, programs and systems relating to safety, environmental, community and health issues.