Community Enhancement

CNM believe that assisting in social development actions is a vital part of mining with a conscience within a community environment. Improving the quality of social welfare and contributing to sustainable development remains a core value.

Strong links with local businesses provide benefit to the community through joint initiatives and shared goals.

Mabiza Resources have partnered  with Epiroc, who supply their mining vehicle fleet, to improve sanitation services at a local community school.

Buche Buche Community School, situated 1 km from the Mine, was previously using a hand pump for their water supply which was dysfunctional and contaminated. Epiroc engaged Simplex drilling to drill a 50m borehole and install a submersible pump. Clean water is now available for the school to utilise.

Also in collaboration with Epiroc, the company is recommissioning an ambulance service for the local community and will maintain this going forward.


Mabiza is also formally joining hands with All Terrain Services (ATS), who provide a full service facility to the camp accommodation and employees at Munali mine.

Mabiza are supporting ATS’s host of ongoing community initiatives. The first partnership is the distribution of over 500 stoves which are being donated to families in the local community to improve home safety and air quality.

Mabiza envisage that this will be the first of many joint initiatives between themselves and ATS and look forward to a long term and rewarding collaboration with them, aiming to build on the significant work already undertaken by ATS in the local area .