Community Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility delivered directly by the Munali Nickel Mine focuses on collaboration between communities, stakeholders and the mine. The Munali Mine management team has supported initiatives including:

  • Support for Maternity Facilities : Refurbishment of Mazabuka Hospital Maternity Ward
  • Water and Sanitation Project : Fencing of community boreholes and development of drainage channels and livestock troughs to prevent contamination of potable water by cattle
  • Rural access to healthcare : The provision of an ambulance to the Mazabuka District for the transportation of rural communities to the district hospital
  • Disease Prevention Scheme : In collaboration with the District Ministry of Health, supporting the mosquito spraying programme, which has resulted in the reduction of incidences of malaria in the District
  • Water Security : Annual maintenance and monitoring of community dams to ensure annual access to water resources for livestock
  • Education : Provision of iSchool tablet based e-learning technology which provides capacity and diversified teaching materials for both students and teachers in the classroom
Updated ESIA:

CNM and their in-country operating subsidiary, Mabiza Resources, have now completed an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for the upgrades to the Munali Nickel Mine.