Eco Fun Day & Road Safety Campaign

In August 2023, Mabiza, in collaboration with Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zambia (CSRNZ), and Kumalundu Trails hosted their first eco fun day. The day was preceded by an Environmental Awareness Campaign which was targeted towards cyclists, pedestrians and communities along the Mazabuka road and outlying communities, which have become hotspots for charcoal production. The charcoal is transported on bicycles to Kafue and Mazabuka, which has raised concerns around road safety. The campaign was aimed at raising awareness around the effects of deforestation and building a community committment towards caring for the environment and forests together with addressing the vulnerability of road users and road safety awareness. The initiative was supported by Mabiza’s local business partners.

The Campaign was followed by a series of Ecotour Challenges, races and expeditions the following day, which included eco-hiking in nearby hills with navigable trails and various cycling races for all cycling capabilities. Proceeds from this went towards supporting Mabiza Resources with its environmental conservation project, aimed at ensuring that our forests, heavily targeted for charcoal production, are protected, preserved and regenerated with the involvement of all concerned, including the nearby and affected communities